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Nov 23

The Drew Groove

If you really want to impress someone then this is the groove to learn. Found it here and I must say this is one of the sickest grooves I ever heard.

 C X---------------------------------------------------------------
T1 -------------------------------------------------------X--------
T2 ----------------------------------------------------------X--XX-
HH --O-XXO---xX-xX----XX--X--xX-xX--XX-XX-X--xX-xX----XX-----------
SD --------Xx--x--xx-------Xx--x-----------Xx--x--xx-------Xx-X----
BD X----------------XX--XX--------XX--X--X----------XX--XX-----X--X

The groove at 50 BPM:

The groove at 134 BPM:

Nov 21

Triad groove (Tool)

Been mesmerized by this. I think the basic (“basic” lol) groove goes like this:

 T xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-
 S -xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
BD x-x---x-x---x-x---x-x-x-
HH x---x---x---x---x---x---

The groove at 100 BPM:

The groove at 40 BMP:

Oct 15

jesus christ pose drum beat

No introduction needed for this one. When I first heard this drum beat years back, I couldn’t figure out what’s really going on. Now I kinda do. One thing is that you have to know what flam beat and ghost notes are. Here’s my attempt at tabbing it out.

    1   2   3   4
T   -X-------------X
S   ----F-X-xXx-XXX-
FT  X-X-------------
B   X--X--X----X----
HH  X---X---X---X---

T  - Tom
S  - Snare
FT - Floor Tom
B  - Bass Drum
HH - Hi-Hat w/foot

Here’s what it sounds like at ridiculously slow tempo (40 BPM):

And here’s at “normal” tempo which is around 134 BPM:

There’s also a drums only version on YouTube.

Aug 23


Here are some independence exercises I’ve been doing lately.

You take one of the following paradiddle variations:

1.  R L R R  L R L L
2.  R L L R  L R R L
3.  R R L R  L L R L
4.  R L R L  L R L R

and play it on snare, or between snare and cowbell, ride, floor tom, whatever. With your left foot you play one of the following variations on the hi-hat:

    1   2   3   4
1.  X___X___X___X___  (on the downbeat)
2.  __X___X___X___X_  (on the upbeat)
3.  X_X_X_X_X_X_X_X_  (every 8th note)

Now that we’ve got hands and left foot going, we’re gonna “improvise” with the right foot on the bass drum. There’s plenty of patterns you can play with your right foot. Here’s some of them:

     1   2   3   4
01.  X_______X_______
02.  X___X___X___X___
03.  __X___X___X___X_
04.  X_X_____X_X_____
05.  __X_X_____X_X___
06.  _X___X___X___X__
07.  __XX______XX____
08.  XX__XX__XX__XX__
09.  _XX__XX__XX__XX_
10.  __XX__XX__XX__XX
11.  X__XX__XX__XX__X
12.  _X_X_X_X_X_X_X_X
13.  your idea

And here is what is sounds like at 72 BPM, if you take

1. variation of the paradiddle, 1. variation of hi-hat and 4. variation of the bass drum:

2. variation of the paradiddle, 2. variation of the hi-hat and 6. variation of the bass drum:

4. variation of the paradiddle, 3. variation of the hi-hat and 11. variation of the bass drum:

You can practice this while waiting for someone/something tapping with your hands and feet.

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