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Oct 15

jesus christ pose drum beat

No introduction needed for this one. When I first heard this drum beat years back, I couldn’t figure out what’s really going on. Now I kinda do. One thing is that you have to know what flam beat and ghost notes are. Here’s my attempt at tabbing it out.

    1   2   3   4
T   -X-------------X
S   ----F-X-xXx-XXX-
FT  X-X-------------
B   X--X--X----X----
HH  X---X---X---X---

T  - Tom
S  - Snare
FT - Floor Tom
B  - Bass Drum
HH - Hi-Hat w/foot

Here’s what it sounds like at ridiculously slow tempo (40 BPM):

And here’s at “normal” tempo which is around 134 BPM:

There’s also a drums only version on YouTube.